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“It always difficult to go through the sale of your home after so many years. My daughter advised to use Pat to do the Estate Sale at my home. I was so happy that I pick up Pat for this job. Her professionalism, understanding the need of the seller and her compassion really impressed me. I did recommend her services to my friends and will recommend in the future.

Thank you Pat.”

Sima and Elia Feldsher

“Pat Augenstein and her crew exceeded my expectations at every turn. Her advice was invaluable, always advocating for our best interest. Pat’s promotion was spot-on accurate: she generated so much energy that there was a line of customers waiting for hours before the sale began. Her experienced staff works tirelessly to ensure the most effective sale. From our initial meeting, to set up, to sale day, Pat was a consummate professional that we have recommended, and will continue to recommend.”

Fondly, Stan and Amy Burakovsky

“I recently had the pleasure of meeting Patricia Augenstein of Beacon Hill Estate Sales while attending one of her amazing estate sales in Rumson, New Jersey. It was evident from the time I walked in and first met her, I knew I was at a very different kind of sale and had met a very special person.

Since that first meeting, I have followed her sales religiously. She is an expert at what obviously she does best. She is a true professional, friendly, knowledgeable, trustworthy and fair. Her sales are expertly run, coordinated and very well organized and she is always there to help and offer advice. She has an amazing staff to assist her and everything from beginning to end is seamless. You will never be disappointed as each and every sale is outstanding.

So, if you are entrusting your estate to her or are there to attend one of her sales, look no further! You have found the absolute very best there is!”

Karin and Barry Blanchard

“Pat helped me considerably to dispose of a relatively large estate in a very professional manner. I am confident that she approached the sale of everything to my benefit. I had an original Calder which she had verified by the Calder Foundation, thereby getting a maximum price. She is very knowledgeable in choosing the experts in many areas. This allowed the best returns possible on the items to be sold. Therefore I do not hesitate to recommend Pat because she is very pleasant to work with, always available and handled everything in a timely manner.”

Harold Arlen, M.D.

“Beacon Hill exceeded our expectations in every aspect. They were professional, organized and properly staffed the sale including movers. Additionally, our circumstances caused us to hire them at the last minute, but they worked hard to make the estate sale a success, which it was in every category. We highly and unhestitantly recommend Beacon Hill..”

Dan and Julie Petrosini

“We couldn’t have been more pleased with the results of our estate sale! There are many qualities that set Pat and Beacon Hill Estate Sales apart from all the rest….and I did interview quite a few.

Firstly, Pat’s crew was absolutely wonderful to work with. Everything was well organized and set up in time for the sale.

Her ability to promote the sale was amazing! Our sale was in August when many people were away, but she still managed to have people waiting outside our home almost until the last hour of the sale!! There was virtually nothing left in our home to sell.

Additionally, having movers as part of her staff truly set her apart. It made selling large or heavy items much easier….people could get a quote and arrange prompt delivery right then and there.

Pats ability to price and negotiate were amazing. She researched many items and gave us sage advice. In the end, it was much more profitable than anything we could have imagined.

Finally, there is Pat herself….she was so easy to work with, intelligent, reassuring, funny and considerate.

We highly recommend Pat and Beacon Hill Estate Sales and are confident she will continue to outperform all the rest.”

Carrie and Ken Wissner

“When I first met with Pat Augenstein about the possibility of having an Estate Sale at my home, I was a bit nervous but cautiously optimistic. Pat was warm and friendly, but I felt confident that she knew exactly what she was doing in order to get the items sold in my home. We spoke for a while about what I would need to do to get my house ready for this sale and I must admit it was a bit overwhelming. She assured me it would all work out and that the sale would be a big success. Well, not only did it all work out but Pat was an incredible professional who handled every situation with confidence and professionalism.

Pat not only sold 90% of my household furniture and items but she made me feel completely comfortable about the way the sale was being done. I would highly recommend Pat Augenstein and her entire “team” of professionals they are excellent at what they do!!”

Barb and Bob Serafin

“There are no words to describe the professionalism and comfort Pat and her team provide.
I never imagined that someone could take one of the most difficult days in my life and handle it with such ease.
It was like having an extended family at every turn.
It is very rare to find someone who not only has the business sense, but is so in tuned to the emotional aspect of this type of sale.

There isn’t anyone else I could imagine recommending – Beyond the Best!!!”

Lesli and Steven Sunshine

“I cannot thank Patricia Augenstein of Beacon Hill Estate Sales enough for running our estate sale. After our initial meeting I felt confident she was the best in the business! She is professional, extremely knowledgeable, sweet & always available from morning til late night. My husband also loved working with her as he felt confident in her judgment as both of their interests were aligned.. to sell everything in our fully furnished 8,000 square foot home for top dollar!

Not only did Pat sell everything short of a couple of small pieces we donated… she hosted our entire sale during the corona quarantine all online! Her ad was gorgeous… picturing every item in my home including accessories. She was remarkably well prepared to start within hours when we said go, due to the daily change of events due to the virus. We will be forever grateful for all of hard work and dedication in making our move seamless.”

Carolyn Eknoian

“We recently entertained the idea of having an estate sale. This was a very daunting thought as we began to think about all the work involved and the idea of all the people that would be in our house. In addition, we wondered would it be worth the efforts. The experience we had with Beacon Hill Estates Sales was beyond our expectations. Pat took over the process and we were extremely impressed and happy about how smooth things went. Pat is caring and a great partner and we would happily recommend her to those considering having an estate sale.
Jules Schneider.”

Jules Schneider

“Pat Augenstein was an absolute pleasure to work with. From the moment we met I knew I was in great hands. She took care of everything from soup to nuts. The days of the sale, her staff had everything under control and sold, sold, sold. I have recommended her to many friends already and will continue to do so. If you want people waiting outside your front door in a single file line waiting their turn to get inside your home to buy your household items, you need Pat on your side. She will make it happen. She will pre-sell, she will sell hard during the sale and she will try her best to sell the few items that don’t sell, days after the sale. I can’t recommend her enough.”


“The prospect of moving was daunting because of the many rooms of furniture we collected over a period of 15 years. We considered an estate sale and interviewed a few companies to help us achieve that objective. We selected Beacon Hill Estate Sales founded by Patricia Augenstein in part due to the very positive reviews we received. Patricia’s knowledge of her trade was immediately evident, we benefited from her expanded use of social media and website promotions. Also, the many satisfied followers who have remained in constant contact with Patricia over the years proved to be a real asset.

Patricia’s team provided the right counsel and important insight as to the marketable value of our furniture and managed the entire process with great professionalism. We recommend Patricia to anyone seeking “peace of mind” during a major move and an estate sale. Having the right team on your side is crucial and, Patricia’s company performs their trade with great efficiency.

Lastly a review of Beacon Hill’s services is not compete unless it includes a mention of the cleanup crew, this team assisted us throughout and was with us until the last minute to help us clear up many of the pieces we discarded.”

Thank you Patricia!

The Pierres

“Thank you so much for “taking charge” of our recent estate sale ………your efforts, energies and hard work made it extremely painless. The tagging, pricing, arranging and eventual sale was handled in a most professional manner and we are appreciative.

Most Sincerely,”

Sandie and Lee Donoton

“What can I say about Pat and her crew?! My family is eternally grateful for finding her and enlisting her services. After our father’s passing, we found ourselves with a house full of beautiful, like new, furnishings and decor that broke our hearts to part with. Losing a loved one is a tragic and devastating experience on its own. Sorting through and letting go of personal items, even the non-sentimental ones, only adds to the sadness. Pat was referred to me indirectly in our desperate search to figure out what to do with everything. After placing basically a “cold call” to her, Pat educated me on her professional background, extensive knowledge, how her business and the process would work, and, most importantly, made me feel comfortable with her as a person. Upon meeting at my father’s empty home, Pat and I made an instant connection. She is beyond professional and KNOWS what she’s doing. My sisters and I felt fully confident placing our situation in her hands. Above all else though, and perhaps more important than the “business” aspect of our sale, Pat is simply a wonderful human being. She is compassionate, personable, kind, and has an amazing sense of humor — all things so important to maintain when handling the loss of a loved one, and life in general.

Pat offers a one-stop, no-nonsense approach to an otherwise daunting task facing a family that might not necessarily be in the proper frame of mind to deal with on their own. Pat also takes a family approach to her business, which further convinced three sisters from a tight-knit Italian family that we made the right decision hiring her.

Pat, her husband Glenn, and her “in-house” moving crew became our extended family for the time we were together. While I do not wish a similar circumstance on anyone, death and sorting through estates are a reality for every family. When it does occur,

Pat receives the highest of recommendations from my sisters and I. Not only do I respect her as a business owner, but I am now proud to call her a friend.”

Kristen Lisowski

“I want to thank Pat so very much for all you did to make our estate sale a huge success!! You came highly recommended by a friend of a friend, so I expected you would do a great job, but I was amazed at the result you got for me. You told me to expect to sell approximately 80% of our treasures, but you out did yourselves, and sold 95%! And you obtained prices I didn’t believe possible. Everything about the sale was above our expectations! Even the staff you brought along to help, and to move the sold items were nothing less than amazing! Your skill, expertise and professional integrity are beyond reproach.

Our move from our cherished home was made easier by the fact that we had that much less to actually move; a big issue, since my new home is much smaller than the one I sold. You removed all the worries I had about the entire process, and even made it a pleasant experience. I can’t thank you enough!”

Linda Iulo

“I was recommended to Beacon Hill Estate Sales by my realtor daughter who had only heard of positive commentary through others. We spoke on the phone with Pat and already felt that I was going to make the right decision to have Beacon Hill Estate Sales handle our large home. Pat listened to my concerns and understood what my husband and I were feeling as we expressed our doubts and emotions. She showed us empathy and guided us through the entire process. We found her to be very knowledgeable and well prepared for the task, which lasted two weekends. Pat is warm, upbeat and a positive person. She did her research well and executed what appeared to me, a monumental task. She did it an organized and orderly manner. Her team, at the end of this experience, truly felt like old friends. They could not have been nicer, more helpful and trustworthy.

It is no wonder to me that Beacon Hill is successful. Pat and her team has built a reputation that encompasses trust, knowledge, efficiency and integrity.

Thank you, Pat, for your professionalism, competence and the warm moments shared during this important time.”

Dory and Lee Cruz

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